RS Machines brings to the market high quality performance products at better prices. We bring quality and reliability in all our installations. Our sales and technical staff are knowledgeable in today’s automotive trends in high performance cars, with specializations in Japanese imports

Established in 1995, RS Machines started out in a small garage in Carson, California specializing in carbureted Civics. In November 1997, RS Machines moved to its current location in Torrance, California. Since it’s inception, RS Machines has evolved and has become not only a resource of high performance products but a resource of information as well.

Our staff adheres to the highest standards of quality workmanship and its attuned to the technological trends and advancements in their respective field of specialization.

Our staff understands the changing needs of the customer, because their success is our success. Our strength is our commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty to the concept of serving our customers’ needs.

Effective July 1, 2000 RS Machines launched its machine shop division as the latest addition in our growing automotive services family. We are proud to be the only machine shop ion the South Bay area using the latest Sunnen and Serdi tools and equipment.

Our latest technology equipment enables us to perform all high performance jobs best suited to your objectives.

Our specialized equipment allows us to do work such as big bore blocks, full radius valve jobs and precision block milling

utilizing all the special techniques not capable to be performed by common machine shops. We are proud of our high standard workmanship and quality control, made possible by “in house” production.

RS Machines uses all the above machine work techniques in our own race prepped cars. And we can now offer them to you. We also offer full installations on all parts and accessories purchased from our shop or from our sources.

RS Machines is the only one stop shop for your high performance needs, where parts, accessories, high quality machine work and installations are all under one roof.